Copier Distributors and Wholesalers Key Terms

Some key terms for talking to copier distributors and wholesalers

For a new purchase, or when it's time to replace an ailing copier, businesses talk to copier distributors and wholesalers about how to get just what they need to keep churning out critical documents. Useful copiers save time and help a business function. But buyers must look around to get the best price and not be oversold. Knowing some basic key terms will help any business make the deal it needs to get efficient copier machine solutions.

The term CPM is short for "copies per minute." PPM means "pages per minute." Both terms refer to the speed of a copier. Businesses order copiers of different speeds according to how many copies they make on any given day. This is a crucial element to consider when talking to copier distributors and wholesalers

Digital Features and Options
Within the wide variety of copier machines available on the market, digital copiers for business are a newer technology. A digital copier includes any scanning or digitizing features for making paper documents. 

Laser Copier
Laser copiers are an alternative to inkjet copiers. A laser copier uses laser technology, but often comes with a hefty price tag for businesses that need more than a few color copies. 

Duplex Copying
Duplex copying or "duplexing" allows for easy two-sided copying. This is a key feature for some businesses and a good feature to discuss with business copier providers. 

Collating is the process of arranging pages in a logical sequence. Though so many businesses still rely on good, old-fashioned human skill to do this, newer copiers have neat collating features. 

Discontinued, Repossesed and Off-Lease Copiers
One way to save money on a copier is by buying a discontinued copier model, with a price tag that has been slashed because the model is no longer rolling off of the manufacturer floor. Off-lease copiers are used copiers that have been refurbished and ready for several more years of use; and repo copiers are those that have been repossessed. You can often get a deal on all three.

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