Copier Rentals

When and how to rent a copier for your business

Copier rentals provide an economical option to upgrade to newer copier technology without paying the price to purchase new equipment. Rental copiers also allow flexibility if you have peak seasons of the year when you need extra copy services.

Finding a copier for rent is easier than you might think. Many companies offer online selections and services, local delivery and support and flexible rental options.

Before you rent a photocopier, consider the basic issues of copier rental:

  1. Browse a list of machines available for rent at a typical copier rental supplier to choose the machine you want.
  2. Get a free quote of copier rental prices online from copier companies or from comparison quotes.
  3. Check for copier rental companies that offer support and other services for photocopier rental.

Browse Rental Copiers to Get an Idea of the Product You Want
Most copier rental companies offer several different brands and models, so pick out a few copiers that will do the job before seeking a quote. You'll need to choose not only between black and white and color, but also from a range of other features. 

Get a Free Quote for Your Copier Rental
Quotes for copier rentals are quick and simple to get online if you just know the type of copier you want, how much you'll need to use it and how long you'll need it. 

Check Out Service Plans Before You Rent a Copier
Some copier rental services offer superior customer support for rental machines rather than just drop off the copier for a specified amount of time. Especially if you're in a time crunch and relying on your rental copier, you'll want to have a good support plan in place. 
  • Calculate your needs and copier rental costs closely before renting one. Renting a copier for your business for a few weeks during peak times of the year or as you transition to a newer model for purchase can be a wise business decision, but you don't get stuck paying rental fees on a machine that would have been more cost-effective to buy. Also consider whether or not a used copier will be most beneficial for your business in the long run.

Find Pre-Screened Vendors

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