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Learn the copier jargon to help you make the most out of your copier rentals

For most businesses, a copier is an essential part of the office. By renting a copier, you can save money and get all of your copying needs met. There are many types of copiers available for you to rent such as digital copiers, analog copiers, color copiers and multi-function copiers. When discussing a copier rental with your copier salesperson, be sure that you are prepared to ask about such features as an automatic document feeder and a bypass tray.

Digital Copier
Digital copiers are faster and more efficient than their analog counterparts. A digital copier scans a document once and then stores the image in its memory to print the picture to the page using either inkjet or laser printing methods.  

Analog Copier
An analog copier is an older version of today's digital copier. Analog copiers work to create copies through the use of lens, mirrors and light to transfer scanned images to the drum where copies are then printed. An analog copier must scan the picture each time it makes a copy, making the copy time slow. 

Color Copier
A color copier may be just what your business needs. Color copiers are digital copiers that scan images using a laser to transfer them to the image drum. From the image drum, the toner
sticks to the charged areas of the drum and then gets transferred to the page. 

Multi-function Copier
Multi-function copiers, also known as "all-in-one" copiers, will not only enable you to make copies, but it will also perform other jobs for your company such as print, fax and scan. 

Automatic Document Feeder
When renting a copier, make sure you look at copiers that have an automatic document feeder or ADF. Automatic document feeder means that you can place all your documents into the tray and let the copier move them through the copier, rather than having to put each document on the glass one at a time. By renting a copier with an automatic document feeder you will save a lot of time. 

Bypass Tray
A bypass tray is another great component to look for in a copier rental. A bypass tray will help you avoid paper jams by providing a short, straight paper route for odd shaped documents and thicker paper such as card stock. 

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