Copiers Key Terms

Knowing copier terminology can help you choose the best copier for your business

Few businesses can survive without a reliable photocopier. However, because business needs vary widely, it is important to think about which copier features your business truly needs, and which would just be costly bells and whistles. The right copier is one that will help your business run more smoothly. A copier that lacks a feature you need, or one that has too many complicated functions can cause unnecessary headaches for your staff. A copier is an important purchase, and it is wise to compare many choices in your price range before you buy.

These key copier terms can help you choose a copier that has the features you need:

DPI means dots per inch. It refers to the resolution of a copier. When shopping for a copier, keep in mind that the higher the DPI, the better the quality of the copies will be. 

A copier's footprint is simply the amount of space that the copier takes up. Footprint is an important, but easily overlooked, consideration when purchasing a copier for a small office, especially if the copier being considered is used

First Copy Speed
The term first copy speed refers to the time it takes for a copier to scan and print the first page of a document. If your business needs are mostly quick, one-page copy jobs, take note of a machine's first copy speed. You will find first copy speed in the product specifications. 

CPM means "copies per minute." PPM means "pages per minute." Either term can be used to refer to the number of standard size (8.5 x 11 in.) copies (pages) that can be produced in one minute. Black and white copies take the least amount of time, with one, two, three and four-color copies taking progressively longer. 

Multi-functional device
If your office needs to scan, fax, print, email and copy documents, you may want to consider a multi-functional copier and imaging device. Another name for a copier that can perform multiple functions is "all-in-one." 

Digital copiers need memory to store data, just as computers do. Copiers utilize memory when they scan documents or send a fax. The amount of memory that a copier needs depends on its functions. 

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