Cosmetics Basics

Find cosmetics basics for your cosmetics business

Does your store need a cosmetics department? Does your company have cosmetics designs that need manufacturing? Finding cosmetics basics is a vital part of any cosmetics business. There are many cosmetic manufacturers that concentrate on producing other companies' private label products. There are also many companies that distribute cosmetics to retail stores and wholesalers. Whatever your company's cosmetic needs, finding cosmetics basics will benefit your company.

There are three different ways to locate cosmetics basics: surplus and closeout companies, skin care manufacturers and distributors and make up manufacturers and distributors. Surplus and closeout skin care companies sell cosmetics that were bought from companies going out of business or that have an excess stock. Skin care and make up manufacturers and distributors sell one brand of cosmetics or produce one brand or type of cosmetics. Review the list below to find cosmetics for your business.

1. Save money with surplus and closeout cosmetics.

2. Buy skin care cosmetics from manufacturers and distributors.

3. Locate cosmetics manufacturers and distributors for makeup.

Buy surplus or closeout cosmetics

Surplus and closeout cosmetics are cosmetics basics that are inexpensive. These items are often sold in lots and are a mix of various items. If your company is not looking for a specific brand, this is the best way to lower overheads.

Locate a cosmetics skin care manufacturer or distributor

These manufacturers and make up distributors specialize in creating and providing skin care cosmetics to stores and businesses. There are private label skin care manufacturers that will create the skin care products you designed and distributors that provide national brands of skin care.

Find a makeup distributor or manufacturer for your cosmetics business

These distributors and manufacturers normally provide one brand of cosmetics. Private label manufacturing is available for all make up companies that design their own make up.
  • When purchasing cosmetics always buy an array of different items to set up a cosmetics business.

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