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Read tips and reviews to find the best cost estimation software available for your industry

If you're in the construction business, there's a wealth of expert ratings, advice and reviews that can lead you to the right cost estimation software. Most packaged programs on the market are geared to contractors, and so is most of the information. Manufacturers, engineers and software developers also have plenty of resources they can turn to. Cost estimation software almost always specific to the industry; otherwise, it's features wouldn't be too helpful.

There are however, some cost estimation techniques that are applied broadly; roundtable cost estimating, for instance. Roundtable cost estimating software gathers input from every department involved in a project, from HR to IT, to get a complete cost outlook. As you read cost estimation software advice and ratings, look for:

1. What methods a program uses to make cost projections, and how accurate the developer claims to be.

2. How the program allows you to enter and retrieve data; if it's not user friendly, you won't have staff buy-in.

3. A program's data reporting methods; does the program display results in a spreadsheet, graph, list, statistics or all of the above?

Get advice on choosing a cost estimation program for the construction industry

Before you start looking at specific programs, it helps to survey the job costing methods used in construction and read some tips to help you choose from the right software vendors and features.

Read reviews and ratings of cost estimation software for the construction industry

Many of the cost estimating software packages on the market were developed for contractors and builders. These programs help those in the construction industry estimate the costs of materials and labor, tools, insurance and licensing.

Find software that's specific to your cost estimation application

There are many cost estimation programs developed for contractors and builders, but other industries rely on cost estimation software and methods as well. Engineers, facilities managers, software developers, plumbers and many other professionals use a cost estimation program tailored to their needs.
The Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable was established to share information about the cost of technologies used to clean up hazardous sites. NASA has a list of resources that may be helpful when choosing a cost estimation software; though some are geared to aeronautics, many apply to engineering projects in general.

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