Create Brochures Basics

Creating brochures made easy with simple tools

If you want to make a brochure for your business but don't quite know where to begin, the task isn't as daunting as you may think. You need to make a few decisions before you start, because a well-designed and carefully written print brochure speaks volumes about your business. To make a brochure you need more than strong copy and a good artist: creating brochures takes technical savvy and software knowledge.

If tempted to make your own brochure online or make a brochure using your word processing program, don't do it. Brochure services and graphic designers alike will tell you that to get a brochure professionally printed you need design software. You can create online brochures for your website on your own but transferring an online brochure to print isn't as simple as you may think.

If this sounds more than a little intimidating, don't despair. You can learn creating brochures basics and then decide how you want to go about creating brochures for your business. To start, you have three options:

1. Create online brochures rather than print brochures.

2. Buy the appropriate software and create brochures with it.

3. Hire a graphic designer or brochure service.

Create online brochures

Some businesses do so much business and get so many new customers online that they've stopped printing brochures. This might prove a viable option for your company if you conduct most of your business online. To make a brochure online you'll need either the right software or a web design company that will create online brochures for you.

Use the right software to make business brochures

Professional designers can't stress this enough: never use word processing software when you're creating customized brochures. Everything looks good on the screen and when you print it out on your printer, but when you try to send the layout file to a professional printer you'll discover that brochure printing doesn't work that way. It's worth the frustration you'll save to invest in desktop publishing software.

Hire an outside designer or brochure service

If you want a print brochure but don't want to buy software and learn how to use it properly, then hire a brochure service or graphic designer to create brochures for your company. Graphic designers make their living creating brochures, websites and other design elements, so be prepared to pay for their talent and expertise.
  • Start paying attention to brochures and when you see one you like, ask the company who created its business brochures.

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