Creating a Great Business Plan

Learn how to write a business plan that puts you in business

A business plan is like a road map that shows where your business is going and how it's going to get there. This detailed look at where your business is heading can do much more for your business than simply provide you with a route to follow. You can use it to convey your vision to potential investors, attract key employees, prospect for new business, or deal with suppliers. When writing a business plan, the following components are needed:
  1. Description of the business.
  2. Marketing Information.
  3. Financial information.
  4. Management information.
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Let business plan software do it for you

Business plan software shows you how to write a business plan by breaking down the process into simple steps.

Line up what you need - make a business plan template

Before you start writing a business plan, know what a professionally done business plan is and what needs to be included, then create a business plan template to fit your needs.
online tutorial to help you understand the ABCs of of writing a business plan.

Find the right sample business plan

Success leaves clues, so it's worthwhile to look for a sample business plan you can use as a model.
business plan consultants out there ready to show you how to write a business plan.  

Leave room for the summary in business plan templates

Part 1 of business plan templates should be the 'executive summary.' Here you summarize your entire plan and explain why your company will succeed. This is the most important part of your entire plan. Investors may decide whether or not to back your business based solely on your executive summary.

Make it the right length

If your plan is too long, nobody will wade through it; if it's too short, it will seem like you haven't really thought through your venture. A good sample business plan should help you set the length limit on your business plan template.

Get help on how to write a business plan

To make sure your plan has the right elements and looks professional, get personal advice and direction on finding the right business plan templates.
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Don't forget about your financial forms

If you want to get results with your plan, make sure your financial forms look professional and have the correct information.
financial forms that you can add to your business plan template.  
  • If you're using your business plan to arrange bank financing, remember the four C's of credit: character, cash flow, capital, and collateral.
  • After you write your plan, keep updating the information so the next time you need to use it, it will be ready to go.

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