Credit Card Imprinters Education and Training

Learn how to operate manual credit card imprinters

Credit card imprinters are important point of sale equipment. Portable credit card imprinters give your business the ability to accept credit and debit card payments from customers. Though most businesses have switched to a computer system, imprinters are still sometimes necessary when computers and networks crash.

Learning to properly use credit card imprinters is important, so you can avoid chargebacks and other payment mistakes. Makers of credit card imprinters can often supply you with basic instructions. If you want additional credit card imprinters education and training you can find it through a variety of sources, including:

1. Tutorials that walk you through the process of using different models of credit card imprinters for sale.

2. Guides that provide written instructions on how to operate the machine.

3. Information that shows you how to operate additional accessories needed for imprinters.

Use manual credit card imprinter user guides to learn how to use an imprinter

Manual credit card imprinters may seem like a simple tool but there is more to it than just imprinting the card. You should know what information you need to include on your receipts, how to collect payments, and how to keep customer information safe.

Explore information provided by suppliers of credit card imprinters

Many suppliers of credit card imprinters offer businesses information on how to choose the right type of credit card equipment. Credit card imprinters are often recommended as a backup source. But for businesses with few credit card transactions, this may be the only equipment needed.

Learn about the accessories needed for a portable credit card imprinter

Unlike electronic credit card readers, credit card imprinters need additional supplies to work. Imprinter plates are used to imprint the name of the company onto the slip. This can also be done with pre-printed imprinter paper. You will also need to find the correct size imprinter paper for your machine. Most sizes are similar unless you are working with an old manual imprinter.
  • Most suppliers of manual credit card imprinters include manufacturer instructions with the credit card imprinter you purchase. This will contain the sizing information for plates and paper.

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