Credit Repair Education and Training

Provide credit repair and help to those in need after getting the proper education and training

Credit repair is a career where individuals work closely with the financials of an individual or business. The goal is to find a way to improve credit scores and creditworthiness. Individuals who wish to provide this type of service will find several educational opportunities available to them.

To work at credit repair businesses, applicants must have at least a high school diploma, with higher education often required. Becoming a credit counselor requires additional training and credit education. Here are a few additional qualifications to keep in mind:

1. Learn what goes into repairing credit including understanding credit reports.

2. Invest in training to use credit repair software programs most companies use.

3. Be able to provide credit repair counseling by having some social counseling experience or training.

Determine licensing requirements for credit repair specialists

Credit repair services often hire specialists or credit counselors who have state required licenses. These requirements change from one state to the next. States list their requirements through their commerce departments or licensing services departments. To obtain licenses, students usually must complete specific course requirements and pass a licensing exam.
State of Michigan defines it's requirements for a credit counselor very specifically. Financial planning services, if offered by the counselor, may require a debt management license.

Find formal education requirements of credit repair consultants

Credit repair companies may require their counselors to become financial planners or financial advisers. Specialist training programs are available for this degree-based program. Some universities and community colleges offer this training. Other programs are available through specialized educational facilities.

Get credit repair information from trusted sources

To provide credit repair counseling services, individuals often need to understand credit markets, credit reports and debt management. To learn this and to keep up to date on it, individuals may wish to join national and local associations dedicated to providing quality counseling.
  • A credit repair company may provide in-house training for potential qualified applicants. Each company also sets standards for education and training of each individual they allow to work in their business. Check with these organizations prior to obtaining an education.

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