Currency Handling Equipment

Time-saving machines can sort and count currency in seconds

Everybody loves cash, but processing it is a small business headache unless you have the right solution. Today's currency handling equipment sorts both coins and bills, and some solutions even come with built-in counterfeit detection. This 3-part strategy will guide you through the search process:
  1. Assess your needs based on daily cash volume
  2. Look for technology that can scan, sort and count currency
  3. Find cost-effective features appropriate for your business
Whether you need an upfront vending-machine solution or a back-end coin and currency counter, the market is flush with vendors.

Get counterfeit protection

Bogus bills can hurt your bottom line. Seek solutions that take the added step of built-in detection of counterfeit currency.

Look for special features

Cashless transactions are on the increase, and some currency counters will meet this need as well.

Get more for your money

Look for solutions that not only count currency but also fill other small business needs.

Install card readers

For many vending machines today, flexibility is the buzzword for currency handling equipment.

Don't forget maintenance

Any currency handling machine needs special care to give it a long shelf life.
  • Expect prices from $100 for compact units to $700 and up for more sophisticated machines.
  • For high-volume operations, look for equipment that can process up to 1,200 bills per minute.
  • Your new machine should have few or no moving parts, and many will weigh less than 10 pounds.
  • Some products feature a rechargeable battery so you can take the machine to different locations.

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