Curriculum Development and Management Software

Get classroom success made simple with curriculum development and management software

Curriculum development and management software delivers the core curriculum established by school boards, Departments of Education or other administrative agencies. With curriculum developer software, you can manage lesson plans with predesigned graphic materials, track student improvement and stay connected to parents and students individually with pre-established databases, network construction and easy-to-use interfaces.

Curriculum assessment and classroom management software solutions offer features to manage student learning, from second-grade music class to college IT coursework. Use solutions that offer standards-based lesson plans, curriculum mapping, gradebooks, reporting options and parent/student access. Teachers and administrators will want classroom software options like working offsite, accessing files for staff collaboration, school-wide reporting and data queries. Programs should provide timely feedback so that classroom data encourages student performance.

When investing in curriculum management software for your classroom or school, consider available features and options:

1. Connect to parents and students with web-based curriculum development systems from any computer with an Internet connection.

2. Use professional curriculum development software to connect classrooms with school administration.

3. Look for curriculum management software companies offering training and support services.

Get web-based curriculum management systems to stay connected to parents and students

Web-based curriculum programs can be implemented quickly because they are cheap and often require no installation or IT staff. Curriculum development systems that use an Internet connection offer teachers offsite access and data-pooling from the entire school, and help modify student behavior quickly with daily monitoring options.

Look for professional-grade curriculum development software with advanced administration options

Installed curriculum software offers robust querying options for administrative reporting and processes. Additionally, PC-based programs can be more secure since confidential data is stored on school property and is less visible. While installed software will require more IT support, district staff will likely handle network security systems integration. An additional advantage is that staff can still work when the network is down.

Ask for training and consulting services from your curriculum management software providers

Look for companies that build standards-based curriculum and assessment systems with input from education professionals as well as multimedia designers and engineers. Ask for custom plans and staff training to ensure program success. Consider programs that offer long-term service options.
  • Graphically intense curriculum development software programs may not be compatible with your current operating systems and school hardware.
  • Survey teachers and administrators when comparing program features to be sure solution options will fit their current classroom management practices.
  • Highlight the new academic software implementation for extra publicity for your education institution.

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