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Data recovery services are vital for any company that stores their business information on a computer. Data recovery services retrieve data from broken hard drives or protect data before it is lost thanks to a computer virus or power surge. When shopping for data recovery services, the first thing you need to know is that the services are broken down into categories for specific file systems. Review the data recovery services key terms below to find the service that will work for your computer system.


FAT, or File Allocation Table, is a file system used with Windows and DOS operating system. The FAT filing system allows the operating system to index files and then search to find them. A FAT-16 is for older computers with less than 2GB of memory. The FAT-32 is for systems with more than 2GB of memory.


NTFS, or New Technology File System, is a file system used by Microsoft products that supports hard drives with sizes up to 256TB. NTFS is more advanced than the FAT-32 and works much faster.


An HFS, or Hierarchical File System, is the file system designed by Apple Computers. HFS, or HFS Extended, are for use with the MAC OS.


NSS is short for Novell Storage Services, which is a 64-bit file system for Linux operating systems and Novell NetWare. NSS allows users to allocate, manage, configure and mount large files. The NSS supports hard drives up to 8TB.


NWFS, or NetWare File System, is a heavy duty version of FAT-32 for Novell NetWare systems. NWFS is available in two versions: 16-bit NWFS 286 and 32-bit NWFS 386. The NWFS has a maximum file size of 4GB and a maximum volume of 1TB.


In computer-speak, a "clone" is a computer system that has all of its information and programs placed on another system. In other words, a clone computer is an exact replica of another computer. A ghost copy of one computer is placed on a drive or server and then the clone accesses the ghost copy and applies it to the hard drive.

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