Dedicated Server Hosting

How to find the right dedicated web server hosting company the first time

For most small businesses, the confines of shared server hosting become limiting fairly quickly. And that’s understandable, because shared hosting is meant to be used for small pages and not business applications. Most business owners turn to dedicated server hosting to suit their web hosting needs.

Dedicated web hosting services allow your business to have a server completely dedicated to your server hosting without having to maintain the hardware itself. This allows you to instead focus on the business needs of your company while leaving the IT work to someone imminently more qualified.

When choosing among the myriad web hosting vendors available, among the key points to consider are:
  1. Specifications of the dedicated web server hosting hardware.
  2. Software pre-loaded by the dedicated server host.
  3. Services promised by the dedicated web hosting service.

Purchase dedicated web server hosting with right-sized hardware

It's easy to purchase dedicated server hosting solutions with hardware that doesn't suit your needs. You can err on the side of caution and select a plan that is undersized, causing your site to either run too slowly or shut down altogether. Or you can purchase an oversized plan that allows your software to zoom through its day but also zooms right through your checkbook.

Buy only the software that you need for dedicated servers

When looking at dedicated server hosting plans, many offer a vast line-up of software pre-loaded onto your server. Make sure that you don't pay extra for software you'll never use--if you do, you're only paying the web hosting vendors to slow down your server. On the other hand, make sure that you have the software you need to run your business efficiently. If you know you'll be adding an e-commerce portal to your site soon, see if your dedicated server host offers e-commerce software, merchant services and/or the ability to have a secure dedicated server.

Make sure your dedicated server host is serving you to your taste

If you have a crack-shot IT guru on your staff, you're less likely to need a host who is focused on managing your server. But if you're working without a net when it comes to IT, it's important that the dedicated server hosting service you choose allows you to worry only about your business and not about your website.
  • Make sure you take any uptime promises with a grain of salt. It's great for a company to promise 99.9% uptime, but if you constantly fall in that 0.1%, that promise isn't worth very much. Instead, focus on the secure dedicated server hardware and make sure it's of a quality that your company deserves.

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