Dedicated Server Hosting Key Terms

Protect your ecommerce business by understanding dedicated server hosting key terms

Dedicated server hosting offers you the ability to host your website on its own private, stand-alone server. With a dedicated server host, you control the hardware, the applications and the services specific to your business needs. Like most industries, the services offered will depend on the host company. For example, while most dedicated server hosting companies provide you with a stand-alone server, some offer you a virtual private server (VPS) on a shared network.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting means that your website is not the only one on the server. The benefits to this include that you can sometimes get less expensive services with the same protection of VPS.

Hosting plans

Most dedicated server hosts offer different hosting plans. Usually these plans are priced differently based on the level of service for each plan.

Data center

Data center refers to the location where the dedicated server hosts physically keep the servers. A data center may host only one company's servers, or it may provide a location for multiple dedicated server hosts. It's important for data centers to provide the appropriate environment for the servers to prevent damage to the machines.


When it comes to dedicated server hosting, scalability refers to how well the host can maintain your website. Scalability keeps your website available and at top performance regardless of the amount of simultaneous traffic.

Pre-loaded software

Most people need some type of software in order to work with a dedicated server host. In some cases, the host preloads the software so all you need to do is log in to access it.


In order to operate, servers need hardware and an operating system that meet certain specifications. Many components make up the operating system, and in some cases, the type of system you have depends on the parts used. For example, a system that uses Windows has Microsoft components.

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