Dehydrated and Dried Foods

Dried foods appeal to a wide range of consumers looking for a long-lasting product

Dehydrated and dried foods can be stored for years, making them perfect for emergencies, backpacking, camping and mountain-climbing. They've come a long way from the days of MRE's or meals ready to eat--bland, tasteless food with a funky consistency. With advancements in the taste and quality, you can create a store full of good, wholesome dehydrated food products that appeal to a mass consumer base.

Dried foods run the gamut from fruits and vegetables to entrées and soups. Numerous dehydrated food manufacturers offer bulk foods for purchase. You can make quite a profit by purchasing bulk food items from them and selling them to your customers in individual or smaller packages.

1. Freeze dried fruits are just the beginning of the dehydrated foods now available.

2. Research companies before purchasing dehydrated food to ensure quality.

3. Plan to accompany dried foods with supplies and seasonings to make your store a one-stop-shop.

Know the difference when shopping for dehydrated food

Dehydrated food snacks are those foods with no added ingredients or seasoning, whereas freeze dried fruits and other foods have many seasonings and ingredients. With a little bit of water, you can rehydrate them to perfection. Dehydrated foods need spices and other ingredients like broth in order to taste like real food.

Think outside the box when choosing a dehydrated foods manufacturer

Dehydrated food products no longer have to be freeze dried pieces of fruit in a package. Companies now sell canned meats, cheese and butter to entice the taste buds. They stay good, unrefrigerated, for years, but they taste a whole lot better.

Sell seasonings for customers to spice up dehydrated food products

Dehydrated food sales will take up the majority of your shop, but you should have a section of spices, too. Dehydrated foods are usually bland in taste and contain no seasonings, so make sure to provide the seasonings and powders your customers will need to make a tasty meal.
  • Dehydrated and dried foods can last for many years if stored properly. Make pamphlets for your customers explaining the best way to store the products. Put them into their shopping bags so they're well informed.