Do Not Call List

How to use the Federal Do Not Call list

The national Do Not Call list was updated in 2007 to include stricter regulations protecting individuals who do not wish to be contacted by telemarketers. Recent legislation also ensures that your placement on the Do Not Call registry is permanent and will not expire.

You can place any number - a home phone number, business number or cell phone number - on the list, which acts as a Do Not Call business list as well as a cell phone Do Not Call list for people who want to register multiple phone numbers. Registries are available on both a Federal and state level.

If you want to access the Federal Do Not Call list, check out the following:
  1. Learn about FCC regulations and register your own number
  2. File a complaint about any violations of the registry
  3. Access individual state registries and learn about access requirements for businesses

Access the legislation and register on the national Do Not Call list

Read about the 2007 Federal Trade Commission legislation updating the Do Not Call list to debunk any myths you may have heard. Also note that there is no separate cell phone Do Not Call list, and there is no deadline for submitting a number, whether it's your home phone number or cell phone number. Any number can be added to the registry at any time.
Federal Trade Commission description of 2007 updates to make sure you're in the know about the Do Not Call registry's rules and regulations. Sign up your number at the National Do Not Call Registry page.

File complaints after 31 days on the Do Not Call list

After your number has been on the Federal Do Not Call list for 31 days, you are free to file a complaint about any violations. You may also file a complaint about any commercial telemarketer without registering for the Do Not Call list if they call before 8 AM or after 9 PM, leave a message without leaving a phone number to sign up for their own Do Not Call list, call after being asked not to call, call without identifying the telemarketing firm or leave any recorded commercial message without previously establishing permission to call.
National Do Not Call Registry complaint page to fill in the form about violations of the federal do not call list. Use the FCC Consumer Complaints form to file any other type of complaint about a telemarketing call.

Observe Do Not Call lists as a business owner

If you're a business owner, you are responsible for checking the national Do Not Call list registry every 31 days to remove numbers from your own calling database. Check state and national Do Not Call lists for comprehensive compliance and to avoid being fined for violating the national Do Not Call list.
FTC Business Alert also publishes questions and answers about compliance with Do Not Call and how to check the registry. You can also try software like Safe Caller, which will automatically download the national Do Not Call list every 31 days and manage your calling records.
  • If you're a business owner who wants to avoid telemarketing calls, be aware that there is no specific Do Not Call business list, just as there is no separate Do Not Call list for cell phones. Simply register your business phone number on the government Do Not Call list and you will be eligible for the same protection as individuals.

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