Dowel Pins Pricing and Costs

Learn about dowel pins and their prices

Dowel pins can be made from a variety of materials. There can be aluminum dowel pins, wooden dowel pins, spiral dowel pins, stainless dowel pins and plastic dowel pins. They can be hardened dowel pins, industrial dowel pins or a Cummins dowel pins or can be metric dowel pin or a standard dowel pin.

The dowel pins are very useful and are well suited for various applications. Below, you will find information about dowel pins pricing and costs. This information can help you purchase dowel pins for your company.

1. Begin with wooden dowel pins.

2. Learn about plastic dowel pins.

3. Check out industrial pins.

Explore wooden dowel pins

Wooden dowel pins come in various sizes and configurations. The dowel pins can be smooth or be spiral dowel pins with threads like screws. The dowel pins can also come in the standard sizes or metric. The dowel pin tolerance varies as well: for the smooth or spiral dowel pins can be +/- .003", and the dowel pins with multiple grooves can be +/- .005".

Explore plastic dowel pins

Plastic dowel pins are very strong and are actually stronger than wooden dowel pins. They can be made from various materials such as nylon, Extren, PVC as well as phenolics. They are useful for cabinetry and construction. They are cost effective and long-lasting.

Look at industrial dowel pins

Industrial dowel pins include steel dowel pins (stainless dowel pins as well), aluminum dowel pins and Cummins dowel pins. The stainless dowel pins work well for machinery ans equipment.
  • Contact the manufacturer for additional questions about their dowel pins. For some of the manufacturers of dowel pins, it's possible to receive samples of their products, which can help you decide whether the dowel pin will meet your company's needs.

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