Drain Tile Pricing and Costs

Compare different types of drain tile installation and their associated expenses

Drain tile installation can be an important topic for home owners as well as for farmers. Excess water can easily damage personal property as well as crops, so the safe, efficient removal of excess water and runoff by way of drainage tile will help you get rid of most of the standing water on your land or in your home.

Clay drainage tile predates PVC drainage tile, but it is a less expensive alternative that is still available today. When considering how to install drain tile, remembering that PVC drain tile can be used both indoors and out and does make an appropriate clay drain tile replacement can be a factor in your choice. Whatever type you decide, weigh the cost with the use to help make a final decision on what type you decide to settle on.

To find out more about drain tile pricing and costs:

1. Compare the French drainage system to other types of drainage tile.

2. Price out flat drainage tile.

3. Consider a clay drain tile to give you a cost savings.

Find out your options for drain tile installation and drain tile replacement

The French drain system requires a PVC plastic drainage tile be used, but there are other drain tile options available that you should weigh your costs against.

Install drain tile for your flooring choice

Drain tile installation also includes flat tiles used for drain holes for your home or office. You can have one central drain hole or combine tiles to make a larger grated water entry.

Consider clay drainage tile as a less expensive option

Clay drain tile is a bit outdated compared to its PVC replacement, but some businesses still sell them as a drainage alternative.