Dry Cleaning Equipment Leasing

Lease high volume dry cleaner equipment for quality service and competitive value

The dry cleaning business is consistently a high volume industry. Dry cleaning machines get a rigorous daily workout in most dry cleaning companies. Good leases on dry cleaner equipment ensure the best quality service and products at competitive terms.

Dry cleaning equipment leasing is a great way to go when replacing a well used dry cleaning machine or starting a dry cleaning business. Dry cleaning equipment leasing provides peace of mind that your machines get the service they need in a timely manner.

Dry cleaners equipment includes everything from spotting boards to irons and shirt finishing equipment. Look for these accessories at bargain prices with dry cleaning equipment leasing.

Improvements in dry cleaning machines produce clean garments with no yellowing or odor. Keeping up with trends in highly efficient dry cleaner equipment will keep your customers happy. Leasing dry cleaner equipment will:

1. Keep your machines up to date on service and performance.

2. Ensure your customers you’re using the best dry clean equipment for their clothes.

3. Provide tax advantages to company owners.

4. Promote high standards in the dry cleaning industry with cleaner clothes and less exposure to toxic chemicals.

Use equipment rental that offers complete service packages to lease dry clean equipment

Your dry cleaning business is only as reliable as the equipment you use. Without the proper maintenance package for your leased equipment you can't guarantee prompt reliable service to your customers.

Lease dry cleaning machines that use up to date methods of fighting redeposition on clothes

Over time dry cleaning can leave clothes looking yellow or dingy and smelling not so fresh. This comes from improper filtration of the dry cleaning solution. Over time less than clean solution redeposits dirt and grime back onto clothes. Newer cleaning systems eliminate this problem.

Take advantage of tax breaks for dry cleaning machine financing

Certain tax deductions are available for businesses who lease equipment. This includes dry cleaning and other related equipment.

Choose lease options that provide easy dry clean equipment upgrades every few years

Staying ahead of the pack when it comes to quality and service is how to keep regular customers happy and new customers coming in the door. Having an upgrade option in your lease is the best way to stay up to date on new trends and equipment.

  • Shop around for the kind of dry cleaning machines and accessories you want for your business before shopping for the right lease financing. Going to a lender with your wish list in hand, including prices, makes determining your lease options easier.

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