Dump Trucks Basics

Know your dump trucks basics before purchasing a dump truck for your business

Many companies and businesses own or use dump trucks. A dump truck is often used for construction purposes to move gravel, dirt, sand or other loose materials. Dump trucks are convenient because they operate with a hydraulic open box bed. The bed of the truck lifts from the front of the truck to empty its load onto the ground.

Some businesses are solely devoted to using dump trucks to haul loose materials for other companies. Other businesses used their dump trucks for their personal business needs. Dumps trucks come in a variety of styles and models. Gain some dump trucks basics before talking with an industrial dump truck vehicle distributor. Consider the following:

1. What type of material will the dump truck haul?

2. How many dump truck loads of loose material will you need to move?

3. Where will you use your dump truck?

Determine if you need standard dump trucks

When you think of dump trucks, you are most likely thinking about standard dump trucks. Standard dump trucks are trucks with a full cab and a frame attached dump bed. One raises the dump bed by hydraulics. These standard dump trucks have one axle in the front and one or more axles in the back. The back axles usually have dual wheels. The largest standard dump truck has seven axles. Many call it a centipede. Standards dump trucks are the most commonly seen dump trucks for road use.

Use articulated dump trucks for short rough terrain trips

Like the standard dump truck, an articulated dump truck has a cab and a dump bed. However, there is a hinge between the two. Despite the hinge, you do not consider the cab a separate vehicle. One cannot separate the two from one another. One steers this dump truck with hydraulic rams. The entire cab pivots when steered. These trucks are best suited for short use over rough land. Many feel that this is one of the highest maintenance of the trucks.

Purchase off road dump trucks for all your off road hauling needs

Off road dump trucks are strictly for using off road. People use them most often for mining and hauling heavy loads of dirt. They look more like heavy construction equipment than they do on road dump trucks. Companies that use these trucks more commonly call them haul trucks rather than dump trucks. These trucks have different ways of unloading and dumping. The Caterpillar 797B and Liebherr T282B are the largest of the off road dump trucks.

  • Keep in mind that although they are vehicles, dump trucks require special training for use. When thinking about purchasing industrial dump truck vehicles for your company, also consider the training that will need to accompany it. Check to see if any employees are familiar with dump truck operation.

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