Ecommerce Application Service Providers

Chose the best ASP for ecommerce to meet your business needs

If you have decided to enter into business on the Internet, but don't have the know-how or time to host your own ecommerce site, you need to chose from the many reputable application service providers for e-commerce.

A application service provider (ASP) will publish your website on its own server, so that your site is available to the world. These ASPs will assist your business by providing the hardware, technology and expertise to run a professional and reliable ecommerce site for your business. Choosing the right ASP for ecommerce will improve your business exposure and increase your business's credibility and profitability.

The ASP for e-commerce you choose should be able to:

1. Accept multiple forms of payment including all major credit cards, PayPal and ACH transactions.

2. Confirm receipt of payment and store the payment information in a secure manner.

3. Guarantee a certain up-time once your site is live.

Define what you need from ecommerce applications

Your ecommerce site will have some key requirements that the ecommerce application service providers must offer. Estimate your required bandwidth, number of transactions you anticipate, the security you want in place for your customers and, of course, the price you can afford. Determine if you want to sell advertising on your ecommerce site. Use these parameters to choose the ASP providers that best fit your needs.

Choose the ecommerce service provider that works within your parameters

Once you have defined what is most important to you, compare ecommerce application service providers to find the best partner for your business. Avoid going with the lowest cost if it means sacrificing important service aspects to your ecommerce site.

Understand the ins and outs of ecommerce

You must do more than simply pay the bill of your application service providers for e-commerce. Be sure you understand the details of an ecommerce site to get the most of your Internet business presence.

  • Consider making your website far more than just an Internet portal for your customers. Interacting with employees, partners and suppliers gives you power and flexibility as your business grows.

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