Effective Interest Rate Education and Training

Expand your employees' knowledge with effective interest rate education and training

Effective interest rates, annual equivalent rate or effective annual interest rates are different from other interest rates. Effective interest rates normally don't include such fees as front-end fees or one-time charges. Provide your employees with the opportunity to receive effective interest rate education and training to develop a better trained and more informed staff. This also allows you to provide more effective and efficient service to your customers.

There are three ways a company can provide effective interest rate education and training to employees. Online training allows you to train one employee at a time. CD or computer-based training can be used as many times as needed. This means you can train all of your employees for one price. Seminars and on-site training provide instruction by skilled professionals in a classroom setting. Seminars are good to train a few people at a time. On-site training is great for larger companies that need to train multiple people at once.

1. Discover the benefits of online effective interest rate courses.

2. Find information about CD or computer-based effective interest rate training.

3. Locate companies that provide effective interest rate seminars and on-site training.

Find information about online effective interest rate courses

Online courses are self-paced and taken from your computer. These courses allow the freedom to choose when and where your employees want to train. Online courses are not instructor-led but they do allow employees to submit questions via email. These courses are best for employees who do not need a lot of personal instruction and who are self-motivated.

Locate CD or computer-based effective interest rate training

CD training can be completed whenever or wherever employees have computer access. This training, however, does not allow for the student to ask any questions of the program. CD training is also unique in that you can train many employees with one training disk.

Find effective interest rate training seminars and on-site training

Seminars and on-site training are instructor-led courses in a classroom setting. With seminars, you send employees to train for a weekend or a few days. With on-site training, the company brings the trainer to your place of business. Seminars and on-site training allow employees to learn how effective interest rates work from a trained professional.

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