Electric Utility Publications

Serve your business and customers better by reading electric utility publications

Keep up with your continuing professional development by reading electric utility publications regularly. As a small business owner, you need all the advantage you can get, and your competition will eat you alive unless you stay one step ahead by truly knowing and understanding the electric utility industry, so you can apply your knowledge to improving service to your customers while maintaining a profitable business.

Changes occur every day in the industry, and reading electric utility trade publications can ensure you always know what's going on. As you research different publications for the ones that best serve your needs, consider the following sources:

1. Buy electric utility books to build on your existing foundation of industry history, events, trends and analysis.

2. Subscribe to electric utility trade magazines for current information.

3. Take advantage of other utility publications when you need specific information.

Purchase electric utility books to broaden your horizons

The right books will make timeless additions to your business library.

Add a new electric industry magazine to the list of resources at your fingertips

You'll find numerous useful electric utility articles in different magazines

Explore other electric utility publications for quick answers and in-depth reports

Use an electric industry journal, report or other utility publication to find an electric industry article or report on a specific topic.
Electric Power Annual put out by the Energy Information Administration. The report summarizes official energy statistics from the U.S. Government. Order a subscription to Best Practices for Utilities & Energy Companies Newsletter from Chartwell, an independent information services company for utility professionals. The newsletter averages 15-20 pages of in-depth information covering best practices in utility management of internal process and customer-facing activities.
  • Create a new folder titled Electric Utility Trade Publications and place it on your desktop. You can place several of the titles from this guide in the folder for immediate and easy access.

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