Email White List

Discover why your company needs to be on an email white list

If companies send email invoices, newsletters, and customer correspondence, an email white list is very important. An email white list directory is a list of email addresses from which one wishes to receive messages. Because many companies now give consumers the option of going paperless, it is very important that customers receive email notice of bills and other business properly and in a timely manner.

Businesses that use email correspondence often take great measures to ensure that their customers accept their email addresses. Sometimes, though, it is the recipient's responsibility to add a business to the white list. In other cases, some Internet Service Providers assume the duty of filtering emails for spam. If your company domain is not on the Internet Service Provider white list, the ISP does not deliver the message. Consider the following:

1. Will being on an email white list give you confidence with paperless statements?

2. Can your address on an email white list reduce complaints about not receiving notices?

3. Do you generate enough emails to need to be on an email white list?

Apply to the Yahoo! Mail and AOL email white list

Yahoo! Mail generates its own email white list for its users. This ISP requires domains to complete an application for white list status. AOL also has a white list that is systemwide. The white list increases the chance that the email goes to the inbox folder versus the junk folder. In return, customers are more likely to read it. AOL also offers an enhanced white list; it does not allow application for the enhanced list.

Encourage individuals to place you on their email white list

Many businesses add a line at the top of their messages requesting recipients to add them to the address book, yet this may not be the best idea. Different Internet Service Providers offer different ways to white list addresses.

Get certified for the email white list

ISP typically white list IP addresses, domains, and email addresses certified by a third party. Get your business certified.

  • If you are not sure if your company is on the ISP email white list, you can find email white list by setting up an email account. Send an email to your new ISP email address and see if the message goes to the inbox.