Endoscope Accessories and Supplies

Use these cost-effective tips to find quality endoscope accessories and supplies

Find the right endoscope accessories and supplies for your practice or hospital with one click of the mouse. From trumpet valves to endoscope forceps to cleaning brushes, carts and more, endoscopy accessories come in many shapes and sizes and are available from a variety of endoscopy equipment suppliers.

You might also be looking for other endoscope supplies such as storage cabinets, bite blocks, wall racks, endo scrubs, leak testers, replacement lamps or bulbs. These endoscope accessory items are easy to find, and even easier to purchase. When pricing these items for your practice, consider the following suggestions:

1. Run an inventory on your existing endoscope supply parts and accessories.

2. Speak to the dealer who sold you your endoscope about what additional endoscopy accessories are available with your make and model of endoscope.

3. Price out the necessary or ancillary endoscopy accessories through multiple vendors to make sure you get the best price.

Purchase backups for critical endoscopy accessories, like lights and bulbs

Additional lights and bulbs should be one of the first endoscope supplies that you purchase. They will be one of the first items that you run out of as you use your equipment and having backup on hand can alleviate any lag time between order and receipt.

Include carts or cases in your next endoscope accessories purchase

Carts and caddies should be another of the endoscope accessories that you consider. They are great for storage and make your unit mobile.

Purchase used endoscopy supplies if you're on a tight budget

If cost is an issue, consider pre-owned endoscopy supplies for your practice or teaching setting. Purchase from a reputable reseller of equipment and ask about warranty information.

  • Include cleaning tools with your required list of endoscopy supplies. You will be required to clean and sterilize your equipment between uses, so find top of the line equipment and solvents to do the sanitizing.

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