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Endoscopy is a minimally invasive type of procedure done using a tube (rigid or flexible) that provides an image of a specified area of the body using fiber optic and computer technology. Endoscopy supplies and accessories come in various sizes and shapes, according to their intended use, and are available from a variety of suppliers. It is important to understand the terms related to the accessories or supplies necessary to perform each type of a specific exam.

Couplers and splitters

Optical couplers and splitters are devices that transfer images taken by endoscopes to medical-monitoring equipment and instrumentation displays. They are utilized in almost every diagnostic exam that necessitates an endoscope.

Endoscope cytology brushes

These specialized brushes collect, for examination, cells removed from surfaces of mucosa. A sterile cytology brush passes through the endoscope to the area that's being examined, withdrawing the sample.

Endoscopy biopsy forceps

Biopsy forceps are utilized during endoscopic examinations to aid in diagnosing both malignant and non-malignant (benign) disorders and can be used in many different types of endoscopic procedures, such as colonoscopy or upper endoscopy.


A snare is a type of surgical instrument that has a loop of wire on the end that is controlled by a mechanism, usually found in the instrument's handle, which is used to remove tumors, polyps and other types of growths.

Needle holders

Needle holders (needle forceps) are used when doing an endoscopic procedure. The physician utilizes these to grip a needle while in the body. These types of holders help to stabilize a suturing area while firmly gripping the suture needle.

Surgical dissectors

Surgical, or endoscopic, dissectors are used to separate or cut apart tissues so they can be examined. Dissectors can be sharp or blunt. An example of a type of sharp dissector instrument is a scalpel; blunt types of dissector instruments include curettes and elevators.

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