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The endoscope was a breakthrough advancement in the medical tools field making procedures that were once very complex much less invasive. The small tube and camera inserted into a tiny hole in the body makes for a much easier diagnostic tool. The use of endoscopy is seen in many medical fields from gynocology to pulmenary procedures.

Endoscope accessories and supplies types and styles vary widely depending on their use. Most scopes need different size tubes, lights, cupplers and other accessories. It's important to understand the exact use of the scope before ordering any endoscopy supplies or accessories for it. To review the available accesories:

1. Compare endoscope supply options.

2. Review the options available from suppliers of endoscopy accessories.

3. Find specialized video endoscope information.

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Endoscopes are used in the medical, venternarian and even industrial world. While some manufacturers stick to a certain medical field or industrial job, other sell endoscopes for several uses. Find a manufacturer or distributor that sells many types of scopes for many fields to easily compare your options.

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Find endoscopy accessories for virtually any field. From lights to forceps, endoscopy equipment ranges in sizes and styles depending on the use. Shop for supplies with a specific field in mind.

Look for an endoscopy device manufacturer that produces video options

The endoscoope is even made with video capabilities. The video endoscope can be used for real time images of certain areas. The otoscope is used in the otology to view the ear canal easily. The video endoscope is used in many other fields including gastrointeology.
Yale Medical Group provides an article on the video endoscopy capsule.

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