Energy Jobs Education and Training

Obtain the proper knowledge and tools for employment in the energy industry

With the continuing advancement of technology, there will never be a shortage of consumers energy jobs. Listings of energy job opportunities may include aerospace engineers, civil engineers, electrical design engineers, energy scientists, pipeline engineers, relay engineers and turbine engineers, to name a few. There is a constant need for research and improvement in the energy industry as well.

While entry level jobs in the energy industry are available, managerial and executive positions require a degree. Additionally, it is important for individuals in the energy industry to remain apprised of current news and trends in order to perform their job more efficiently. The following resources will help you to obtain the necessary energy jobs education and training:

1. Gain a degree through online or classroom courses to pad your resume when seeking top-level energy industry employment.

2. Energy careers require an up-to-date knowledge of trends that articles and publications may provide.

3. Further your energy employment by attending conferences and trade shows for the industry.

Obtain a degree for energy industry jobs

As with any industry, you will need a degree in energy in order to have a successful career in that field. There are several different career paths to choose from in the energy industry, so you should consider whether to obtain a broad range degree or a degree in a specific energy specialty. Even after your have a degree, it won't hurt your resume to attend additional courses throughout your career to further your education.
U.S. Department of Energy offers information on courses in the energy industry available throughout the nation. Rutgers Energy Institute offers courses in energy science, energy engineering and energy policy.

Subscribe to publications that can enhance energy industry careers

Many organizations offer magazines or online articles about trends and news in the energy industry. Reading these articles regularly will help you to maintain a current knowledge and develop new ideas that may further your career.

Attend conferences that discuss issues that affect energy jobs

Conferences and trade shows in the energy industry will help you see what resources are available to assist your company, as well as finding out what trends and applications work best. These events will help you to brainstorm new possibilities for energy conservation and optimal output.

  • Make sure the courses you attend can provide accreditation toward a degree for your energy industry employment. Sometimes a business offers courses that are only informational and don't result in a degree or certification.