ERP Software Basics

Learn about ERP software basics

Enterprise resource planning software is a suite of software tool designed to manage all aspects of your business, from payroll to customer relationship management. This type of software has become more popular due to the increased need to access data across accounting areas.

Review your firms needs and make a list of the different aspects that need to be included in the software package. Discuss your requirements with your staff to understand the level of complexity. Follow the steps below to learn more about ERP software packages.

1. Investigate ERP software applications.

2. Install an ERP software.

3. Review the step required to implement enterprise resource planning software.

Look at business ERP software

Explore the different types of ERP software applications available. Define your business in terms of size, number of employees, annual sales and locations to determine the correct ERP software product offerings.

Implement an ERP software application

Select an enterprise resource planning software package that meets your current and future needs. Document your current business practices in all aspects of your business. Develop a project team, with representation from every area of the business.

Review project plan to implement an ERP program

Take this opportunity to implement best practices into your firm. ERP programs are designed around these core strategies that have proved effective across multiple firms and industries. Changing your business practice to meet these common practices is part of the benefit behind the implementation of business ERP software.
  • Business ERP software has changed the operation of many business, making them more efficient, with a lower cost of ownership and the information required to make the best decisions possible. It is not an easy process, but well worth it.

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