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eWallet is a software program on your handheld device to help manage the user names, passwords, and electronic identifications necessary for daily business transactions. This software was developed in response to an overwhelming number of business owners who cannot remember the user names, passwords and secret hints for various systems. With all the tools that are now required to access banking and other online services, an eWallet provider became essential.

It is important to fully understand the features, benefits and risks of eWallet before implementation. This technology had great features to make life in an electronic age simpler, so that more time is spent running your business. The three items listed ensure a full understanding of the benefits and risks of eWallet.

1. Download eWallet software.

2. Install eWallet.

3. Troubleshoot eWallet.

Try eWallet for your business

Use eWallet as a digital wallet, holding all your user names, passwords, secret key words and account numbers. The software is designed to be used with both handheld and desktop computers. eWallet uses 256-bit AES encryption to protect your personal information and your privacy.

Run eWallet to your computer

Review the eWallet information before downloading to ensure that you have the correct version, depending on your operating system. Many handheld computers come with a type of eWallet list that provides links to different software products.

Report a problem with eWallet

Test your eWallet to make sure that it has installed correctly. E-Wallets are a new type of software product and they can be a little tricky. The benefit of an eWallet is ease of use and security features. Use your eWallet with care and reconcile your credit card and bank statements regularly to make sure everything is working correctly.

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