Expense Report Software

Get a handle on travel and entertainment costs.

Expense report software helps your employees file their expenses more efficiently and helps your business meet tax and accounting guidelines. In addition, software solutions can ease manager approval, provide automatic routing and speed processing time for employee reimbursements. There are three kinds of expense report solutions:
  1. Spreadsheets: Inexpensive but feature-limited.
  2. Web-based services: Easy-to-manage, pay-as-you go online solutions offer easy access, quick reports and no software to install or maintain. 
  3. Software applications: Robust and installed on your own computers.

Narrow the field

Because each business is different, you're going to have to evaluate your needs and check out your options, including pricing, which varies widely.

Do it online

Web-based expense report options let you manage your expense reports via a browser and often contain excellent reporting and management features, in addition to other services.

Integrate with QuickBooks

If you use Intuit's QuickBooks small business financial software, consider an expense reporting solution that you can integrate with the program.

Use a spreadsheet

If you use Microsoft Excel, you can use a spreadsheet-based template to ease expense report handling and management. Again, this option lacks more robust features available on Web systems or in productivity software packages.

Run it on your PC

Software-based solutions run on your own PCs or servers and can often have Web-based interfaces.

Buy a bigger package

Consider if you can benefit from a solution that has additional scope. For instance, do you need to track employee hours? Project-type expenses? If so, consider a solution that has additional functionality or modules that you can add on in the future.
  • Check out free trial offers and demos before you commit to buying.
  • If you're not sure about a solution, talk to a customer service representative at the company. Most will tell you what kind of business needs they serve best and if your needs fit their solution.

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