Felt Tip Pens

Highlight what's important with felt tip pens and markers

Felt tip pens always seem to disappear when you need them, so a company can never own too many. If you go through a lot of felt pens, they make an obvious item for bulk purchase. You might use felt tip markers for poster boards or thin-tipped felt pens for document signing and everyday use.

In addition to using felt tip pens at the office, consider giving them (along with a pad of paper) to clients or business associates attending a meeting in your conference room so they can take notes. You might also think about making felt tip personalized pens carrying your logo a giveaway item at trade shows.

In your search for felt-tip pens:

1. Save money, and buy wholesale felt tip pens in bulk to maintain an available stock of pens at a very reasonable price.

2. Remember that the tops of felt tip pens often disappear rendering the pens useless once the ink dries up, so consider buying retractable felt tip markers.

3. Buy felt tip markers and pens whose manufacturer advertises that their pens don't bleed through paper, to prevent mishaps.

Buy a fine or ultra-fine felt tip pen for your daily writing needs

Felt tip pens work well in so many office situations. Use them for labeling files, signing documents, taking notes, labeling packages or addressing letters.

Purchase felt tip markers and pens if you do any kind of artwork in your business

Whether you sketch advertisements for print media, pictures of your product for display or just rough sketch an idea for someone else to complete, felt tip markers make a great choice for artwork.

Look for personalized felt tip pens for promotional give aways and in-house advertising

You'll find many uses for felt tip pens beyond the day-to-day tasks they already handle. You can hand out promotional felt tip pens with your company's name at trade shows or other events or make them available to customers writing a check. You can also shop felt tip pen vendors for personalized felt tip pens to keep at your front counter where customers will use them.
  • If you send out lots of invitations or personal messages in your business, consider giving your office assistant a set of nice felt tip pens and a class in calligraphy. You'll need to buy a good set of felt tip calligraphy pens.

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