Film Industry

Break into the film industry with the proper tools and determination

Break into the film industry with a bit of background knowledge and determination. The film industry business is one that can be tackled with a bit of education and the proper tools. The key, though, is knowing how to network and take advantage of the background and skills that you have to promote yourself and whatever project it is that you are working on.

The movie industry has thousands of resources available for use or purchase, and having a firm grasp on the latest film industry information will help keep you in the know and relevant opportunities and contacts. To start your film creation and editing experience:

1. Have in mind the equipment, props and costumes that you need and want. Use that list as your starting point.

2. Think through the entire film business process and create for yourself a timeline and service needs list. Who will edit? Who will produce? Who is financially backing? Where do I purchase items?

3. Choose reputable companies or educate yourself in the processes necessary to create a viewer quality film.

4. Take advantage of film business information as you meet new actors, vendors and contacts. Don't be afraid to put your name out there.

Find movie industry vendors with ease

Film companies can outsource many of their movie making needs.

To know the film business, you need to educate yourself in the film business

For those of you choosing to create your own works in the film industry, you can't go into it blindly. You need to train and earn your place in the pecking order. To do so requires an education or a wealth of experience from someone willing to take you under their wing in the industry.
UCLA Film School or the Dodge College of Film and Media Art at Chapman University. You can also look to the Independent Film Channel Film School. All of these institutions will give you a springboard to creating your own films.

Stay in the know about the movie industry

How can you expect to carry on a conversation with execs and producers if you aren't in the know about the comings and goings of the movie industry? How can you find the best vendors available for your project if you don't know where to start? Keep up with who's doing what projects and where, and have your finger on the pulse of the Hollywood happenings.

  • Try to purchase your film industry prop and set needs from the same vendor to help cut your costs. Bulk or large orders might qualify for a discount.

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