Guides & Articles on Business Credit Cards

Building/Checking a Business Credit Rating

An established credit rating is crucial for growing a small business

Any business that plans to seek loans, lease equipment, establish partnerships, accept credit cards or buy inventory and materials should have a strong credit profile. You'll need to: Get listed with key credit profiling firms. Build, maintain and update your business credit profile. Check credit profiles of customers. Get more free business tips at BizBest. 

Business Credit Basics

Learning business credit basics can help your company invest and grow

Business credit cards can allow your company to invest in goods and services needed for its success, which in turn will grow your business and make you more money. Corporate credit is especially important if your business is just starting out and you don’t have a lot of cash or venture capital to buy the necessary assets. That being said, unfortunately, business credit...

Business Line of Credit Basics

Learn about business line of credit basics to meet short-term cash flow needs

Before contacting a lender to discuss financing options, it's best to learn about business line of credit basics. A business line of credit (LOC) is a common way for company owners to meet their short-term working capital needs. In most cases collateral is not required as long as the business owner meets all basic credit criteria.The maximum amount of the unsecured business...

Business Line of Credit Key Terms

Learn about lines of credit for businesses

When applying for a line of credit for a business, borrowers should understand the terms associated with such applications, including the business credit profile and the Dunn & Bradstreet ratings often used by lenders. Learn what is considered a small business and the 4 Cs of Credit. Businesses should understand these and other terms before to applying for a line of...

Debit Cards Basics

Understanding the simplicity and benefits of business debit cards

Though debit cards look like a credit card, their link is directly to your business checking account. The funds for transactions made with your debit card come directly from your account. Basically, the debit card functions as a check, with faster processing and more security. The amount of funds in your checking account determines how much you can spend on debit card purchases....

Making the Most of Small Business Credit Cards

Small business credit cards research and tools for all business owners

Small business credit cards can serve as a tool to paying accounts before they are due. Obtaining the best small business credit card is a process of research. By gathering detailed information about options, small business owners can find the most affordable, yet the most flexible, credit for their needs. When considering these credit cards, learn about the...

Maximize Savings w/ Low Interest Credit Cards

Using low interest credit cards could save you thousands of dollars!

Low interest credit cards can create substantial savings if you carry a monthly credit card balance. It doesn't take much - reducing your APR by just 1% or 2% could save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on interest charges each year - depending on the size of your balance. Here's a simple example of how much you could save:Assume you carry a balance of...

Small-Business Credit Cards Key Terms

Understand the subtle yet important concepts of small-business credit cards

Small-business credit cards allow companies to make a wide variety of purchases. In order to get such a credit card, businesses are required to fill out and sign an application, which is a legally binding contract. As with any legal document, businesses should be aware of the terms and conditions to which they are agreeing. In addition, not all of the subtle nuances and important...

Using Credit Cards

Use business credit cards to make your business more profitable

If used wisely, using credit cards in your business can add money to your bottom line. In order for this to work, you need to find credit card providers that charge zero percent interest and no annual fees. In lieu of zero percent interest, use the grace period and pay your bill in full when it's due each month.Another way to use a business credit card is to take advantage of the...