Financial Modeling

Use financial modeling to predict business performance

Financial modeling is the act of creating a tool to forecast project, business and investment performance. To operate efficiently, a financial model must predict the outcome of several different probabilities and what-if scenarios. Financial models general include several financial documents including balance sheets, income and cash flow statements and other analytical reports detailing specific business operations.

Financial modeling information helps business owners clarify capital needs and provides a clear view of cohesive financial data useful for potential business investment ventures. Financial modeling can be performed by using advanced modeling software or the traditional pen and paper method. Consider the following to help you complete a financial model for your business:

1. Get a professional financial modeling consultation.

2. Obtain training for financial modeling.

3. Find financial modeling tools.

Talk to a financial modeling consultant

A financial modeling consultant can assist you with performing necessary calculations and design custom strategies based on financial information. Financial consultants also help business owners analyze specific business activities and provide advice on how to resolve problems.

Sign up for financial modeling training

A financial model is simply a spreadsheet that predicts a company's future revenue, cash flow and earnings. Sounds pretty simple, right? While the information included is basic, the preferred style and how the information is presented require skill and expertise in financial modeling. Financial modeling training will help you learn how to create usable financial models using easy-to-read and detailed charts and graphs. Both presentation types are generally required to effectively share all of the information included in financial models.

Purchase financial modeling software

Financial modeling software takes you beyond the standard spreadsheets used to create financial models. Financial modeling software is designed to help business owners easily manipulate and analyze data, create new financial scenarios. Most software offers customization features that can be quickly integrated with your existing computer systems.
  • Financial modeling is a great way to forecast profitability of a business venture before getting too deep into the business startup process. Avoid reinventing the wheel--save time and money by taking advantage of the variety of resources that offer basic financial modeling information and tools.

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