Financial Modeling Education and Training

Employ financial modeling education and training to help manage capital assets

Financial modeling can be useful in valuing a business, estimating cost of capital, analyzing financial markets, and working with interest rate models, just to name a few. Whatever your need for financial modeling, it's imperative to receive the proper financial training and education to get the models correct. A poorly constructed financial model can lead to lost earnings and in the worst-case scenario a bankruptcy if the monetary outlay is significant.

The main resource for financial modeling training is the local business college but there are other sources more convenient for the typical businessperson. These resources are self-driven training textbooks and online courses for both Microsoft Excel and general financial modeling training. While there are financial modeling software platforms that don't use Excel spreadsheets, this software is by far the most dominant tool for financial modeling. That's why you need training in Excel for financial modeling as well as general course education. However, before you begin your educational research, here are a few items that will help you:

1. Use Excel training materials specific to financial modeling.

2. Take an online financial modeling education and training course.

3. Purchase financial modeling educational textbooks.

Employ Excel financial modeling training resources

Because Excel is so prevalent in the financial modeling industry, it's important to receive specific training for Excel. Besides knowing the details of financial modeling, you'll also need to understand how to build the models in Excel and use financial modeling training resources.

Attend a financial modeling educational class

Financial modeling classes over the Internet or in person can provide the fastest way to learn the concepts. If you don't have the time to enroll in a class at your local college, then hiring a financial modeling trainer or attending an online course is the next best option. The trainer will often come to your business and provide the training or offer more convenient class times.

Obtain a financial modeling textbook for self-paced training and additional information

The financial modeling textbook can work as a standalone product if you have a background in accounting or finance. Alternatively, a textbook is an excellent companion to other methods of training and provides a reference resource for future modeling efforts.
MIT Press for more information on the topic.

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