Flexible Work Schedule Consultants Key Terms

Learn key terms that flexible work schedule consultants use to promote these sensible arrangements

Many companies that once resisted a flexible work schedule are now singing its praises. They’re no longer afraid that these schedules will cause them to lose control of employees since early experiments with flex time have reported excellent results. These same companies have even added flexible work schedules to their employee engagement strategy, allowing them to offer employees perks that don’t cost management a thing. If you’re not sure whether a flexible work schedule can work in your business, consider the following key terms that might change your mind.

Extended client, home location

The extended client, home location flexible work schedule arrangement allows an employee to work off-site at a client's office and then to complete follow-up work at home through remote access to the employer's computer system. As much as possible, consultants encourage employees who follow this schedule to put in the same number of hours as they would in a normal work week.

Government regulations

Flexible work schedule consultants urge companies to pay close attention to government regulations that relate to employment policies. They emphasize the need to show employees you're willing to try implementing a flex work time policy even if you're not convinced it will work in your company.

Building a culture of flexibility

If you've never had flex time in your company before, consultants suggest you start by building a culture of flexibility in areas other than employee work schedules. For example, you can become more flexible in your training programs and in your performance appraisal process.

Commuter friendly workplace

Sometimes advising businesses how to handle flexible work schedules requires consultants to teach them about creating a commuter friendly workplace. This means that employees are encouraged to car pool, take mass transit or even work remotely from home. Employers do this by providing special parking arrangements, contracting with vendors to reduce parking fees or make other compensations for those choosing alternate transportation methods.

Benefits of flex time

Consultants rely on research that identifies the benefits of flex time as a way to encourage more companies to adopt these schedules. Benefits include allowing mothers more before or after school time with their children, the ability to find independent contractors who follow flex time schedules and substantial savings in equipment and operating costs.

Flexibility and productivity

The interplay between flexibility and productivity has become a talking point for flexible work schedule consultants. They urge companies to accept the research that shows employees perform at higher levels when they are satisfied with their working arrangements. This includes a positive atmosphere in the workplace and the ability to work flex time according to their personal needs.

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