Florist Equipment

Floral equipment and supplies from online sources

Whether you are planning to open your first flower shop, or you own a well-established floral store, supply needs are always changing. Find the latest wholesale florists supplies and flower shop equipments through many online resources.

Look for suppliers that offer multiple supplies and equipment. If you're in the market for a new fresh flower supplier, search for a supplier that you can also continually order packaging and delivery supplies from.

1. Make a list of the flower shop supplies you need.
2. Search for flower shop equipment from flower and plant suppliers first.
3. Look for specialty equipment from specialty suppliers after you have checked with inclusive suppliers.
4. Keep a well-managed record of each of your florist equipment suppliers.
5. Continue your search for the best floral shop equipment.

Find a reliable florist equipment and supplies directory

The Society of American Florists offers a directory of hundreds of stores that offer flower shop supplies and equipment.

Look for walk-in and floral display refrigeration

The floral refrigerator is a staple of floristry equipment. If you own a flower shop, you need some type of refrigeration to preserve your flowers.

Get flower shop supplies for designing, packing and delivering

Keep your floral shop stocked with the latest style vases, baskets, papers, cards and decorations.

Don't forget flower preservation and presentation

Florist equipment suppliers usually carry the materials to help you keep your fresh flowers and plants looking good.

You'll need tools to use in the flower shop

Suppliers of florists' equipment sell tools to make preparing flower arrangements easier.

Find floral shop equipment, supplies and flowers

Get all your flower shop equipment and supplies from the same place you purchase your wholesale fresh and silk flowers.
  • Buy floristry equipment from suppliers that carry all the supplies and equipment you need. By keeping your supplier list to a minimum, you'll be able to keep a better inventory and accounting record.