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The food and beverage industry is an ever-evolving place to make a career. One of the easiest and most accessible ways to maintain a prominent place in the industry is by regularly reading commercial food trade publications. From food service publications to beverage industry magazines, these periodicals are mandatory reading for those who want a true edge in the industry.

You can use food and beverage publications to find out the latest trends in beverage distribution, check out the latest food supply information or get great tips on how to organize your restaurant or distribution service. When choosing which publications to add to your research arsenal, consider the following:
  1. Food and beverage magazines offer blanket industry information in a timely manner on a regular basis throughout the year.
  2. The best food industry publications cover important logistics of the sector, including transportation, warehousing and technology.
  3. Food and beverage publications can help you learn how to most effectively market your food and beverage products, as well as navigate you through the technologies that will help you do so.

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Many useful food and beverage industry articles can be found in specialized magazines that also work as great sources of the latest industry news.

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Publications that specialize in the distribution, marketing and retailing of food can help you work out the important logistics of your business.

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There are a number of beverage publications that serve as useful go-to references for important aspects of this sector, such as beverage packaging and mixing technology, distribution and effective marketing.
  • While the publications listed above are geared exclusively to industry professionals, don't think commercial food and beverage magazines for the everyday chef can't help out. Cooking magazines geared toward everyday foodies can give you excellent insight into what's hot and help you set the standards they'll want to replicate in their own kitchens later.

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