Food Franchise and Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

Food franchises can satisfy your craving for business success

Many Americans dream of one day owning a restaurant. Few, however, actually live that dream. That’s because opening a restaurant is not, in fact, a piece of cake. It’s hard work. It requires long hours, high risk and, usually, lots and lots of money. Still, there’s help for folks who are hungry to discover their inner restaurateur, and it comes in the form of franchising.

Which industry has been the most widely influenced by franchising? Food service. After all, food business opportunities benefit tremendously from the standards set by franchising, which make it easier to scout profitable locations, train effective employees and prepare popular food. Franchises also make it easier to make money, as a parent company can offer you unprecedented financial and operational support, as well as:

1. Instant name recognition.
2. Marketing assistance.
3. Group purchasing power.
4. Business training and education.
5. Help navigating food codes and zoning laws.

Decide if a food franchise is right for you

Before you begin shopping for food and beverage franchising opportunities, you must ask yourself one very fundamental question: Is franchising right for me?

Learn how restaurant franchises operate

Before committing to a food franchise, consider shadowing a current franchisee. You'll need several weeks in the kitchen and in the dining room before you know if the restaurant business is right for you.

Shop for restaurant franchises by cost

Food franchises often require large initial investments, but food and beverage franchising opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, and all price points, too.

Shop for food franchises by service model

There are three basic types of restaurant franchises: quick-service franchises, full-service franchises and-somewhere in between-fast-casual franchises.

Shop for restaurant franchise opportunities by food type

American. Chinese. Italian. Indian. Mexican. Consumers love many types of cuisine, and so do restaurateurs. If you've got a taste for something special, consider choosing a food franchise based upon its menu.

Shop for food business opportunities by location

Not all restaurant franchises are available nationwide. Which food franchises are available to you may depend largely upon where you live and where you intend to do business.

Shop for restaurant franchises by name

Perhaps the single greatest advantage to franchising is the instant name recognition it offers. If you already have a food franchise in mind, approach the franchisor directly for information.
  • Funding a new food franchise is often made easier thanks to food-friendly lenders, which are familiar with the needs of food business opportunities as well as their potential for success.
  • In the food franchise business, foods and beverages rule the roost-and the bottom line. Net profits may suffer due to common restaurant pitfalls, including fluctuating food costs, spoilage and theft.
  • New to foodservice? Consider food and beverage franchising opportunities that rely on ready-to-serve products.
  • The restaurant industry is strictly regulated by food codes and permits. Study up on local, state and federal foodservice standards before you open for business.