Food Industry Information Resources on Laws and Regulations

Use food industry information resources laws and regulations to know laws impacting your company

If you own a food warehouse, dairy plant, food production and processing facility or even a company that sells Kosher foods, you must become familiar with federal and state food industry information resources laws and regulations. Federal and state agencies undertake food industry research so they can advise lawmakers on food information laws that protect the general public as well as prevent fraud and illegal competition by food producers.

To learn more about these laws and regulations, check out the following Internet food industry research sources that help you discover the rules governing your company's business operations:

1. Find information on food laws and regulations that federal and state governments enact.

2. Get information on the food industry laws from online databases federal and state agencies maintain.

3. Locate food market research studies that discuss current and pending food laws.

4. Know which websites explains the penalties for violations of food industry information resources laws and regulations.

Know food research laws and regulations and the agencies that make them

Find federal regulations ensuring food safety at the FDA. The USDA is the executive department office that develops government policy on agriculture, food production and farming.
FDA database of food laws that make up the Food Drug & Cosmetic Act. Access laws and regulations regarding food inspection practices, food and nutrition services regulations and farming laws at the USDA. Through the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, New Jersey laws regulate the licensing, inspection, investigation and enforcement of the state's Food and Drug Safety Program. California's Department of Public Health is the source for the state's laws regulating food labeling, inspection of food facilities and produce safety.

Access online articles on food industry laws and regulations

You may want to know how Congress is amending current food safety laws or new plans to enforce the Food & Nutrition Act of 2008.
The Library of Congress to find out about pending legislation that might affect current food industry law. Find the Federal Register online at the Government Printing Office website so that you can search for executive orders, public announcements and news from federal agencies regarding laws for agriculture, food inspection, labeling and food flavoring. Search the State of New York food industry laws to learn about milk sanitation laws, licensing of food plants and the grading of farm products.

Use food market research reports that inform you about food laws

Find out how the policies of a new presidential administration impacts current food legislation initiatives. Or find out how current events, such as the outbreak of salmonella, can ultimately change federal and state laws concerning the inspection of food production facilities.

Access food information websites that inform on penalties for violating food industry laws

You may want to know what the penalties would be for violating The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 or the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act.