Free Email Providers

Use free email accounts for more than keeping in touch with family and friends

Free email providers make it easier than ever to communicate electronically with business clients. Whatever the business type, free email providers strategically cater to their online needs. Whether yours is a business new to the Internet or one with a strong online presence, there is a provider to meet your online objective.

If your objective is to stay connected with business prospects and clients, for example, Yahoo! Small Business offers free business email and unlimited data transfer, large disk space and email storage for your business communications.

Use your free email accounts to:
1. Receive job applications through your free business email and maintain anonymity.
2. Establish a general mailbox and avoid spammers.
3. Receive additional storage space through your free email provider.
4. Stay protected with free superior virus protection.

Keep the free email address you currently use when switching ISPs

As a business grows, so does the need for free email service. Providers such as Yahoo! and Gmail allow you to keep your current email address when changing ISPs without interruption. Your free personalized email is unaffected, always accessible and goes with you. A free SMTP email provider transfers your emails from one server to another, which allows you access from anywhere at anytime.

Make sure your free email address doesn't cost you

Proceed with caution when taking advantage of services that claim to be free. Failing to read the fine print can cost you. Most free email providers offer appealing upgrades for a small fee and allow you only a limited version for free. However, avoid getting billed for a free email service by doing a little investigative work and reading the terms and agreements.

Connect to an online community through your free email provider

Free email services provide additional options when you receive your account. Take advantage of a full online experience by creating blogs for your business. Be creative when choosing services that will enhance your online presence.

Receive a business webspace with your free email account

With many free email accounts, additional upgrades such as your own free personal webspace are optional. Publish logos, photos and graphics to make your business space more appealing to your target audience.
  • Determine the features and special services that are beneficial to your business with your free email accounts.
  • Read the details before signing up. Don't provide credit card or personal checking account information if you are truly seeking free email service providers.
  • Keep in mind that service upgrades such as fax or online phone services will cost a nominal fee. Know in advance what the additional fees are.

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