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Research news and trends to become well-informed before making fulfillment strategy decisions

Choosing fulfillment and warehousing services is a huge decision that no company takes lightly. Deciding to outsource a complete aspect of operations is a difficult choice to make, and it's an impossible one without the proper research. Keep up on the latest fulfillment guide news and trends by following industry publications, utilizing fulfillment organization resources and weighing your options.

Utilizing complete third party logistics fulfillment companies leaves you more time to concentrate on enhancing your business, so while the costs may seem extreme, the benefits may far out weigh them. Use the information you get to come up with a cost and benefit worksheet to break down the benefits and if they are significant enough for your needs.

1. Get advice from fulfillment industry organizations.

2. Stay informed about the latest trends in fulfillment solutions.

3. Find out the latest industry news by reading business publications.

Get informed about the latest trends in order fulfillment services

Find out the opinions of industry leaders and organizations. Seek advice about what types of companies have good reputations when it comes to order processing and fulfillment. Review company quality control, management practices and more with the help of industry reviews.

Do thorough research on order fullfillment services

Find out what options are available for your size business by researching different company options and fulfillment service providers. Choose to create your own fulfillment department, drop ship items, or use complete fulfillment centers. Research which third party logistics companies work with what size business, and find a company that will ship directly to your customer, handle returns and manage all other customer service aspects.

Read national fulfillment and warehousing services publications

Find out trends in fulfillment by keeping up with the latest industry events. Scan business publications for reviews of well-established logistics companies that guarantee fast shipping and accurate order processing.
  • With all the e-commerce opportunities, there have been many new fullfillment and distribution service providers popping up as well. Make sure you research the companies and get references. Not all are legit or trustworthy.

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