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Selling stuff on eBay is easy enough. So is making money at it. Selling more stuff, however, and making more money requires true business savvy. Anyone can be an eBay seller, after all, but it takes a true entrepreneur to run a truly successful eBay business. To pump up your sales on eBay, you need to:
  1. Use online and offline marketing techniques.
  2. Source products for less.
  3. Streamline order processing and shipping.
  4. Offer more items for sale.

Shop savvier

Perhaps the easiest way to increase your profit margin on eBay is by paying less in the first place for the merchandise you sell there.

Create an eBay Store

In a survey, 75 percent of eBay sellers said that opening an eBay Store increased sales. Opening an eBay Store allows you to list items for longer durations with lower fees and provides access to marketing and merchandising tools that can increase sales.

Improve your listings

Listings don't need to be flashy, but they do need to be informative and, above all, accurate. Provide precise measurements, colors and conditions in your product listings and remember that honesty is always the best policy. Paramount to successful eBay listings is good photography.

Add eBay Express to the mix

Gain access to a new market with almost no effort on your part with eBay Express. This new service is geared to streamlining the buying process for busy shoppers and can put your products in front of these consumers.

Sell more products and cross-promote

It sounds simple, but one of the best ways to make more money is to sell more stuff. Even if you're a one-person shop operating from home, you can ramp up your capabilities. And when customers show interest in one of your products, suggest others that might also appeal to them.

Reach out to customers

Many of your buyers miss the ends of your auctions because they're away from their computers. Convert these lost sales into cold cash with services that bring customers back to your pages. Get the word out about your business with online and offline marketing techniques, such as email newsletters, banner ads, promotional flyers and branded letterhead email.

Streamline the buying process

When it's easy to order and pay for merchandise, your customers will buy more of it.

Ship on time and on budget

Include accurate shipping information in your listings. Deliver on your shipping promises and charge only what it will actually cost you to ship the item.

Become a PowerSeller

With a PowerSeller icon on your listings, shoppers will instantly recognize you as one of eBay's top sellers. This increases your credibility and makes customers more inclined to buy from you. As a PowerSeller, you're also privy to advanced selling tips from the auction site.