Garment Racks Key Terms

Get familiar with garment racks key terms

Garment racks can be found in just about any industry. From retail stores to laundromats to business offices, garment racks are used by customers to display clothing for sale or to keep clothing stored.

The type of garment rack you purchase will depend on its intended use. High quality garment racks are typically used for display purposes, rolling garment racks are often used in fashion or theatre arenas and office garment racks are intended for customer or employee use. Whatever your need is, it'll help to be familiar with garment racks key terms before purchasing them.

Single and double garment racks

Single and double garment racks are traditional garment racks with either one or two bars across to hang clothing from. They come in many different sizes and are often used by dry cleaners and retail stores.

Office garment racks

Garment racks for offices or businesses are usually constructed to withstand the weight of many winter coats. These garment racks often have slotted hangers that cannot be removed from the rack to eliminate having to replace missing hangers.

Rolling garment racks

The ability to move racks of clothes from one room to another is an important feature for the retail and fashion industries. Rolling garment racks have wheels on the bottom of the racks to make moving racks full of clothes just a little easier.

Garment rack covers

Garment rack covers usually accompany rolling garment racks and protect the clothing for transporting or storage purposes. They fit over the garment rack and usually zip or otherwise fasten shut to cover the clothing on the rack.

Straight arm garment racks

Straight arm garment racks typically come in two-way or four-way styles. They have a square base and have straight bars that extend out in either two or four directions. They are used in retail stores to display clothing and grab customers' attention from different angles.

Wooden garment racks

Wooden garment racks function the same as regular garment racks, but are a step up from the traditional metal frame garment racks. They add style to a retail setting and help grab the attention of passing customers.

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