Gateway E-Series Desktop Computers

How to buy or upgrade this no-longer-manufactured model series

Gateway, Inc. began in a small town in Iowa and grew into one of the largest computer companies in the nation. The company came out with its E-series, the Gateway E-2000 series, Gateway E-4000 series and Gateway E-6000 series, in the 1990s and by the time Acer acquired the company in 2007, new additions to the line had replaced the E series models.

The E-series computers--great for businesses--were affordable and powerful, offering large hard drives for the time and high-speed Pentium 4 processors. You can still find Gateway E-Series desktop computers for sale in electronics retail stores and online, though Gateway no longer manufactures new systems in the factory.

When considering the Gateway series E, you have three basic options:

1. Keep the Gateway E-series model you have, using new parts and accessories to update it.

2. Buy used or refurbished Gateway E-series computer systems for your home or business office.

3. Choose another Gateway model besides the E-series desktop.

Buy Gateway E-series desktop computers new or used from online and in-store retailers

Look for a Gateway E-series for sale at your local computer store or online, both new and used. This model series comes with a standard or upgrade option of DVD or CD-RW drives, up to 6 USB ports and lots of room for upgrade.

Upgrade your current E-series Gateway model to keep it modern

If you're happy with your current E-series model, there is no need to buy anything new. Just upgrade your systems with internal hard drives, memory, video and sound cards, as well as external speakers, display monitors, keyboards and mice. Update Gateway E-series driver and software information and the rest of the physical parts to keep your computer looking and performing at its best.

Purchase another Gateway model similar to the Gateway series E

Although Gateway discontinued the E-series, they offer many new high-performance PCs for your office. Consider choosing a new model that will give you all the great performance of the E-series with updated technology and a modern look.

Update Gateway E-series drivers and keep your computer running smoothly

Use a virus scan to protect your Gateway computer from harmful viruses and worms, and run a program periodically to update any Gateway E-series drivers, or other drivers related to your model or peripheral type. Wipe dust off your computer, so it doesn't build up and organize your files to keep your system running efficiently.

  • Save money by upgrading one computer at a time, doing small upgrades instead of buying all new systems. Whether you keep Gateway E-series desktop computers or purchase new models, make sure you stick to your business's budget and get only what you need.