GE Motor Club

Let your employees drive with peace of mind using GE Financial Roadside Assistance

The GE Financial RoadSide Assistance service program provides a wide range of emergency services and travel services for drivers in the United States and Canada. GE Motor Club, Inc. is especially handy for people who are particularly vulnerable when inconvenienced with a flat tire or empty gas tank. Not everyone is capable of changing a tire or hiking to the near gas station.

Any driver with a valid driver’s license is eligible for this program. Consider utilizing this program for the drivers in your company.

What vehicles are covered? The Motor Club provides full road and towing services for all self-propelled four-wheel vehicles for private, non-commercial, on-road transportation. This includes trucks and RVs with a carrying capacity of up to one ton (2,000 pounds). Drivers are covered when driving any eligible vehicle you are driving--leased, owned, rented or borrowed. The basic services for both the standard or premier program are:

1. GE roadside assistance with towing, lockout service, ambulance service reimbursement..
2. Travel benefits and services.
3. Legal benefits and services.

Choose from one of GE Financial Motor Club's two levels of service

The roadside assistance package offers two options for membership: Standard and Premier. With Premier, you can upgrade the reimbursement amounts for several of the services.

Add GE Financial Roadside Assistance Program to your new car assistance program

Many new cars come with roadside assistance coverage, but the number of service calls allowed can be very small. It can be advantageous to join the GE Financial Motor Club if you think you might exceed the maximum number of calls allowed.

Added legal benefits and services with the GE Roadside Assistance Motor Club

Automobile insurance policies vary when it comes to legal protection and benefits. GE Financial Motor Club offers several innovative legal benefits and services.

Take advantage of GE Roadside Assistance variety of travel benefits and services

From emergency travel expenses to a travel information service hotline and travel weather information, the GE Financial Motor Club providers offer travel benefits and services that are just right for you.

Join now

There are two ways to join online, through GE Motor Club Inc. or its AARP Plan.

Always be prepared

No motorist should travel without an emergency road kit in the trunk. A few bottles of water and other supplies are a good idea too.
  • It's always a little tricky to borrow a friend's car or truck. You know your insurance should cover any mishaps. But the protection offered under GE Financial Motor Club takes care of that. You are covered if some airhead backs into your friend's truck when you borrow it.