General Fund Accounting

Make general fund accounting work for you

General fund accounting systems are primarily used by the public sector and nonprofit organizations for their specific financial reporting needs. If your company measures accountability over profitability, then a general fund accounting system is for you. Since general fund accounting is concerned with compliance to mandates, the accounting system can help your business adhere to regulatory sanctions while helping you save money. If your firm is engaged in financial reporting activities that relates to the public sector and financial contributors, the you need general fund information. In order to ensure that your company has sufficient net financial assets and balances to finance your programs or services in the future, you should consider investing in a general fund accounting program.

Finding a solid general fund accounting system can be daunting. You might consider hiring a general fund consultant. A general fund consultant can help with general fund advice and provide information about how your firm can benefit from these systems. A general fund consultant can also:

1. Organize the financial aspect of the organization in order to set up an effective general fund;

2. Establish the general fund accounting program;

3. And maintain the general fund system.

Get general fund training

Before you decide to purchase a general fund accounting software system, you may want to gain a better understanding of how general fund accounting can help your organization. There are many companies that provide low-cost training avenues to help you gain a better understanding of this aspect of accounting.

Get live demo help with general fund management

If you run or are involved with a nonprofit organization or a church and have limited resources, getting a live demo or basic support for general fund accounting software may be your answer. By selecting to see a demo, you can determine if the software product is right for you prior to making a costly commitment to a product that may not suit your organizational structure.

Find general fund accounting software with ease

General fund accounting software can be difficult to find as there are not too many companies that specialize in nonprofit and public sector accounting needs. However, finding such software is essential for your business. CYMA and Fund Balance are two companies that are the best in the area of general fund management.
  • If you opt to hire a general fund consultant, be sure to choose a professional that is versed in information technology and accounting systems management as well as nonprofit experience. Virtually all of the general fund accounting systems today involve detailed knowledge of computer programming, database management and networking skills. A consultant that only specializes in the traditional aspects of general fund management may not be effective for your business if a modern system is not put in place.