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Search public records in Georgia for information on people and property

Whether you're looking for information about a potential employee or researching facts on a Georgia property, you need to access Georgia public records. Public records are documents that have been filed or recorded by either public agencies or private individuals. Such records include birth and death records, marriage and divorce papers, criminal records, real estate documents, licenses, and so on.

Public records are held by federal, state and local governments, who in turn determine their availability. Although state of Georgia public records are accessible to the public, you may be expected to pay for some information; the fees will vary depending on the department and state. You can always visit state departments and offices for public records, though there's a breadth of information online and through your background check software.

When researching GA public records, remember the following:

  1. When doing a background check on an individual, you may want to consider a nationwide search. This will cover information, not just in your state, but in the country as a whole 
  2. Make sure that the Georgia official records you get are up to date. 
  3. Get information from a credible source when searching Georgia public records online. You may be liable for turning someone down if you base a hiring decision on incorrect facts.

Search Georgia state public records to get information on real estate


Information on real estate is always available to the public. If you're looking for specific data on a particular property, such as zoning information, assessments or building requirements, you can find those on government sites, such as county offices. Additionally, you can research title and deed information, find out who owns a property and get tax information.

Consider checking Georgia court records before you hire an employee


As a business owner, it's smart to run background checks on potential employees, especially if you're hiring child care providers and teachers. Background checks can range from verifying a person's Social Security number, to a detailed account of the person's history and acquaintances. Before doing a background check, you must get permission from the individual.

Track down anyone with a Georgia public records search


With the assistance of the Internet and the right data, you can track down any individual, living or deceased. If you already know the person's Social Security number, date of birth, or last known address, you can use these to research vital records. Less information than that makes your search a little more difficult, but still possible.

  • The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act regulates how consumer credit information, such as Georgia public bankruptcy records, are collected and used by outside employment screening companies -- not employers. The act also restricts reporting on arrest records and other negative information after seven years, with the exception of criminal convictions.

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